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Catherine GraceCWC 
For as long as I can remember, wellness have been the driving force in my lifestyle and I have always taken my knowledge to others to create the best way for them to achieve optimal health and success.. As a Certified Life, Health and Wellness coach, and Reiki Master Teacher, I bring overall wellness and balance to my clients. All essential for creating the best life for oneself. I love working with my clients and watching their positive transformation!
About Us
Life is personal so a personalized health and wellness plan just makes sense.
As an Epigenetics Health Coach, Life Coach, I get to the cellular level of what is going on in your body unlike any other health and wellness program out there. After all. how can I enlighten you on the benefits of nutrition if we are just guessing what foods are good for you?

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I had experienced random episodes of anxiety after a lifestyle change and a back injury.I found it difficult to concentrate,experienced dizzy spells, had inflammation, chemical imbalances, and it affected every part of my life in some capacity. Stress? Then I came upon the epiphany moment where I learned WHY this was all happening after first discovering reasons that I had been looking for with my son who had similar symptoms, and stomach wrenching debilitating issues with brain fog, acne, migraine headaches, depression, and more.
 (No worries. I will explain later in a VERY simple way.)

It was the food we were eating! Wow!

Through genetic testing and food sensitivity testing we discovered what foods were causing inflammation and all those other lovely symptoms we had. Did your read the word "had"? 

Now, everyday seems like it is Heaven-sent with clear thinking, no pain, no headaches, no depression, no dizziness, or anxiety. Fitness is back up to speed and muscle strength improved. Black circles under our eyes diminished and skin is now supple and clear again. Beautiful!

I made positive changes in my environment, nutrition, and fitness and am fully dedicated to the wellness of my family and others.

Not every style of eating is for everyone. How can that be? We are all uniquely made and should design our diet, fitness, and nutrition (including supplements) around our genetic makeup. Pure and simple!

Balance is my mantra and helping others find their unique style of balance is my passion.

The greatest gift we can give generations to come is to respect our bodies through natural modalities as it affects our very structure, our DNA.

See my services for a journey well-deserved.
It's your life; create it!

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